The Hands-on By Design educational non-profit 501(c)(3) mission is to create, implement and facilitate a network of youth learning models and training teaching aides based on traditional skill sets. Hands-on By Design programs will empower youth with imagination, critical thinking and problem solving experience, through a series of craftsman related skills. The teaching aid centered training models will use hybrid labs to create environments that mirror current industry standards. Each level of proficiency will include science, math, engineering, technology, along with business, history, and communication skills needed to compete in a world market with confidence and experience.


The Hands-on By Design business model was introduced as a Formula SAE collegiate design series business concept. Members of the TTU Motorsports team developed a business model that would introduce 9th-12th grade STEM high school students to a quarter scale kit car teaching aide. To support this concept the TTU Motorsports team started the “Makers By Design” STEM outreach program. The “Makers By Design” program reinforced the need for STEM teaching aides and curriculum that have continual impact and affordability.

In 2015 the Tennessee Tech University College of Business introduced the Eagle Works entrepreneurial competition. The competition-involved multi-disciplined collegiate teams creating an original idea or concept that they could market along with a financial and promotional plan. TTU Motorsports competed in the Technovate track, in which teams generated a design concept, and/or, in some cases an actual prototype of an innovative product that could have patent potential. After presenting to judges on Saturday, two finalists from each track were announced and tasked with presenting in front of a public audience. From there, the winners from each track were announced, and TTU Motorsports was named first place winner for Technovate track. They also received honorable mention for the Professional Development award based on the teams business etiquette and professional dress. The Eagle Works competition reinforced the TTU Motorsports business, marketing, production, and research model for STEM education programs.